We are a social enterprise that believes we can provide a high quality service and educate and mentor younger generations. We connect clients with specific needs with professionals that at the same time coach of apprentices and have access to mentors. 

  •  clients are small to medium businesses with market researh, data analysis, tech development or graphic design needs.  They will have access to optimal profiles, with defined costs, times and facilities to track, according to milestone compliance.

  • professionals are skilled in the field of the project and together with the company, negotiate costs, deliverables and timelines. Once selected, they will have access to the profiles of the apprentices who could better respond to the challenges of the project. They would act as a coach to apprentices, within the execution of the project. It is their responsibility to delegate certain activities and promote "by-doing" learning.

  • apprentices come from partner educational programs. The initial focus would be to direct the programs to young first and second year students of the diversified cycle, in public schools in Greater Caracas. These programs would be developed by the "Generation of Relief" initiative team, in partnership with public institutions. Apprentices selected for a project, would have access to specific courses, would work under the direction of the "coach" and accrued a payment based on hours worked. The value of the time will be set by our team, to guarantee a fair payment and adjusted to the country reality.

  •  mentors are a group of allies, experts in the different areas covered, among: academics, managers and business owners. They collaborate under the modality of payment by mentoring, or alliance under the figure of corporate social responsibility projects.

  • koyoko will be in charge of: verification and updating of profiles of candidates, trainees and mentors; recruiting new mentors, candidates and apprentices; the base formation apprentices, depending on interest manifested and potential; the stipulation of mentoring costs, man-hours of apprentices and additional resources, if necessary for the execution of any project (computer rental, rental of meeting spaces); collection of comments at the end of each project, both the company and candidates and apprentices involved, in order to optimize processes and develop an automatic system of referrals, and the maintenance and optimization of the platform.